Ash for chickens!!!

Did you know that if you put your cold ashes, from your open fire, in with the chickens they like to roll around in it? It’s good for getting rid of any mites!!! My chickens also love it when we cut the grass and put the grass cutting in with them. Especially, if its a hot day as these cool them down. My chickens will sunbathe in the grass cuttings. Odd chickens.

Gardening tips

Watering: Early morning is always a good time to water but in really hot weather try watering in the evening as well, especially hanging baskets. It reduces the risk of burnt leaves.

Weed killer: Spray or pour on apple cider onto unwanted weeds and they will be done for the next day. Don’t get it near plants you don’t want dead. This is also safer for animals and children.

Weed killer (roll on): This is great for killing weeds without killing the surrounding plants and lawn. Just pop the ball out of a roll on deodorant bottle and wash it out. Then, put your weed killer in the bottle and replace the ball. Roll the ball over the weeds. Make sure you mark the bottle properly and keep away from children.

Slugs and snails: Tempt these pests away from plants with orange or grapefruit peel. Spray pots with WD40 as they don’t like crawling through it.

Animal repellent

If you have annoying animals that scratch at the wallpaper or go places you don’t want them, or even worse you have someone else’s animal do it on your garden then here’s a tip to try. Cat’s and dogs hate citrus smells. So place an orange or lemon in the place they do it the most. Or rub peel in the places if they are scratching wallpaper!! Worth a try. x

Or if the cats weeing on your garden is annoying then put cotton wall balls soaked in eucalyptus in the place they do it.xx