Old Clothes???

Recycling your clothes. I have put in a post about upcycling your clothes. You can make your clothes, I have just made a skirt in a lovely fabric I got from the market for £3 a metre. So I made a skirt for about £4 and it fits perfect and is one that nobody else will have. If you need sewing classes or tips there are plenty around. I am going to be doing some sewing classes in my vintage caravan as soon as I have finished decking it out. I believe that all kids should be taught sewing skills and that means buttons,hems and such.

If you have clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer wear, then you have a few options. Charity shop is one, homeless shelter, ‘swishing party’ or you could change it. An old pair of trousers can be a skirt or if you don’t want clothes you could make a bag or bunting with it. T-shirts that are looking shabby can be upcycled with buttons or patches or if you really don’t want to wear it tear it up and use it for dusters or make your own tumble dryer sheets with them. (see post on this).

If you like lavender you could make lavender bags to put in your drawers or hang on your clothes hangers. These can be as simple as you like. I’ll post a few pics and instructions in another post. You can make these even if you don’t have a sewing machine. I believe it’s an investment worth having. They don’t have to be expensive but are worth their weight if you are going to make things.

If anybody wants any tips on a tired piece of clothing then please ask for ideas.xxx