To avoid shouting and nagging boys – brainstorming

Boys like being consulted about things. If there is a problem that you have with them it’s always best to try and sort it out with him. They might surprise you and come up imaginative solutions to the problems.

Here are some guidelines for brainstorming by Lucinda Neall:

* Choose a time when any emotion have subsided.

* Write down a simple description of the problem.

* Make sure everyone knows the three rules of brainstorming

1. Think of as many imaginative solutions as possible.

2. Every idea is written down.

3. No comments must be made on ideas until they have all been written down.

* Write down the suggested solutions to the problems; adults can have ideas too.

* Once all the ideas have been written down, assess them together. If anyone disagrees with an idea, cross them out. If everyone agrees with it, tick it. It’s fine to add extra ideas and adapt them at this stage.

* Talk through the ideas until you agree on a way to solve the problem.

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