Avoid nagging and shouting at your children.

Limit what you say. Keep it positive.

1. Use a gesture -point to the bin

2. Say it in a word – ‘bin.’

3. Give information -‘Litter goes in the bin.’

4. Describe the problem – ‘There are sweet papers on the ground.’

5. State how you feel (then drop it) – ‘I find it very frustrating to have to remind you to put litter in the bin.’

6. State positive expectations -‘I expect everyone to put their litter in the bin.’

7. Point out what needs to be done – ‘Those sweet papers need to go in the bin.’

8. Use humour and playfulness – ‘Looks like there’s been a tornado around here.’

9. Break the problem into manageable chunks – ‘Bring me six pieces of litter.’

10. Put it in writing – ‘Litter in the bin please’

11. Countdown – ‘I want the floor clean by the time I count down from 20.’

12. Brainstorm the problem – Define the problem. Litter is not being put in the bin. Write down as many imaginative ideas as possible. Agree on a workable solution.

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