Make do and mend it

There’s lots of things you can do to spruce up your wardrobe. If you have a cardigan or top that you like but it looks a little drab then why not add some buttons or add patches of fabric. You could re shape things like necklines or sleeves. It’s worth looking around on Pinterest for ideas.x

You could also jazz your shoes up buy sticking things on or adding ribbons instead of laces.

Fabric pens are excellent ideas too for decorating tops or jeans. Put an patch of different fabric on the back pockets to make them look a little different.x

Microwave steamed puddings

2oz self raising flour, 2oz sugar, 2oz Margarine, pinch of baking powder, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 egg

*Place all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk using an electric beater for about 2 minutes

*Choose your pudding flavour- because these are individual puddings everyone can choose their own. Golden syrup, marmalade etc

*Plop a tablespoon of your flavour into a lightly greased ramekin and top with a third of sponge mix. Cover the ramekin with a piece of cling film and pierce a few holes in the top for the steam to escape.

*Microwave each individual pudding for 2 minutes. Take out of the microwave and allow to stand for about a minute before serving. Serve with custard or cream. Yummy. Right I’m off to make some.xx

Twins clothes

If you have twins an they are particular with what clothes they wear you can try the dot system to remember whose clothes are whose. On the label just do a dot for twin one and two dots for twin two. You could this with non twins too but as my children are all different sizes it’s not too much of a problem. My twins don’t care which top they wear so I don’t have to worry too much.xx