Thai green chicken curry

This looks lovely.

2tsp Thai green curry paste

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into smallish pieces

1 small onion, finely sliced

1 green pepper, finely sliced

1 red pepper,finely sliced

120g cream cheese (Philadelphia or shops own brand)

3-4 tbsp skimmed milk

steamed or boiled rice to serve and coriander leaves

Heat a large non-stick saucepan and add the Thai curry paste, chicken and onion. Fry on a medium heat for 6-8 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

Add the peppers to the pan and continue cooking for 3-4 minutes until they have softened and the chicken is golden brown.

Stir the cream cheese and milk through the mixture until melted. Serve with rice and top with fresh coriander (optional).

Nice and easy.xx

Potato recipes

As we know potatoes were not on ration in the war. They came up with quite a lot of uses for them. Here are a few.

Potato fingers: Mix 1oz flour with 1/2 lb mashed potato, season with salt and pepper. Bind, if necessary, with a little milk. Shape into fingers, glaze with egg or milk, bake in a hot oven for about 10 minutes until brown and crisp.

Potato floddies:  Scrub 2 potatoes and grate with a course grater over a bowl. Than add sufficient flour to for a batter. Season with salt and pepper. Melt a little dripping (or butter) and make very hot in a frying pan. Drop the mixture in it in tablespoon sizes. When brown on one side, turn and brown the other side. Serve with a little jam if you want it as a sweet dish. If you want savoury, add a pinch of mixed herbs and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Scalloped potatoes: Scrub and scrape 1 lb potatoes, then cut them into thin slices. Arrange in layers in a casserole dish, sprinkling each layer with flour seasoned with salt and pepper and sliced spring onion. Pour over 1/2 pint milk, sprinkle the top with breadcrumbs and bake in a moderate oven for about one hour.

Potato Jane: 1 1/2 lb potatoes, 1/2 leek, chopped, 2oz breadcrumbs, 3oz cheese,grated, salt and pepper, 1/2-3/4 pint of milk.

Put a layer of sliced potatoes in a fire proof dish. Sprinkle with some leek, crumbs, cheese and seasoning. Fill dish with alternative layers, finishing with a layer of cheese and crumbs. Pour over the milk and bake in a moderate oven for 45 minutes.

Potato pancake: 1lb cooked potatoes, 1/4 lb sausage meat, 1 dessertspoon mint and parsley chopped together, 1 dessertspoon mixed herbs, salt and pepper, milk, 1/2 oz dripping.

Mash potato with sausage met, add herbs, seasoning and milk to make a soft mixture. Heat frying pan with fat and spread the mixture to cover the bottom of the pan. Fry until brown and crisp.

Animal repellent

If you have annoying animals that scratch at the wallpaper or go places you don’t want them, or even worse you have someone else’s animal do it on your garden then here’s a tip to try. Cat’s and dogs hate citrus smells. So place an orange or lemon in the place they do it the most. Or rub peel in the places if they are scratching wallpaper!! Worth a try. x

Or if the cats weeing on your garden is annoying then put cotton wall balls soaked in eucalyptus in the place they do it.xx