Corned beef with cabbage

This is a recipe from the cooking book from world war 2.

1/2 oz cooking fat

1 leek, sliced

1lb corned beef, cut into small pieces

1lb cooked potatoes, cut into small pieces

1 dessertspoon flour

1/2 small cup of vegetable water (I assume water they saved from boiling their veg in previous day)

little mustard to taste

1 cabbage, shredded

Heat the fat in a stout saucepan, add the leek and fry lightly. Put in the corned beef and potatoes, sprinkle with the flour and add the vegetable water with the mustard. Stir all together until very hot. Meanwhile cook the cabbage in very little salted water with the lid on the pan. Drain and serve on a hot dish, topped with the meat mixture.

This sounds soooo nice. I will definitely give this a go. Although with my lot i will have to ten fold the ration portion. Even though they struggled at this time with the rationing, food never got thrown away and the people of Britain were never healthier.

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