Pad Pattern and Making

I haven’t done this and am not sure about it. I think I might have a go just to see and then can make a personal judgement. this lady has instructions on how to make them. They are good for making a saving. If you pop them in a nappy sack if you are out then wash them at home but add bicarbonate of soda or white vinegar to disinfect them. do not wash with fabric softener though.

Confessions of a Young Mama

Marissa’s Basic Cloth Pad Pattern

Several varied pads later, I think that I am ready to post the instructions and pattern for the cloth pads that we will be making for our party. Really there are so many patterns and ways that you can make them. Trim liners for light days, pads for heavier days, postpartum/nighttime pads; the options are endless as are the patterns available. I am really not suggesting that mine is superior, just that I know what I use the most and I know (believe me I know) what a pain it is to wade through all the patterns available.  I want something that is simple to sew and that will also work for these girls for years.

So here is a pattern as well as a picture explanation of how to make the pad. I have done my best to make it understandable and easily…

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