Air fresheners

Gel in a jar: Make your own gel air freshener with a few simple ingredients. Boil 110ml/1/2 cup of water in a pan then dissolve a packet of gelatin in it. Add another 110ml/1/2 cup of cold water and stir until blended. Add 1/8th teaspoon of vodka and 1/2 teaspoon of essential oil and stir well. Pour into jars. Don’t put them too close to the heaters as they will melt. If they do melt pop them in the fridge to set again.

Instant spray: Mix white distilled vinegar and essential oil for scent and use in a fine mist spray bottle.

Lemon and baking soda spray: Dissolve baking soda in 450ml/2 cups hot water, add lemon juice, pour into a spray bottle and spray into the air as an air freshener.

These are all very cheap ways of making air fresheners that can cost a lot of money in the shops.

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