Quick beauty fixes

Remove nail yellowness: Just dip the tips in lemon juice for ten minutes

Make your own mouthwash: Dissolve two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. I have not tried this one but have been told its good!!!

For tooth whitening: Brush with bicarbonate of soda.

For tired eyes: Lie down in a quiet, dark room and rest with cold teabags or cold cucumber slices over your eyes.

To soothe a cold sore: Put a little distilled vinegar on a cotton ball and dab it on your cold sore three times a day. You’ll find that it helps reduce the swelling and stinging.

Exfoliate: Add a little sugar to some ordinary baby oil and rub it thoroughly into your face. Wash off after a few minutes.

Or if you would like a pampering party in the UK I can recommend Tropic parties. The company was set up by Lord Alan Sugar and Susan Ma. The products are lovely. If you would like one let me know and I can get contact details for you.x

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