Sage can be used for lots of things. Roasting it is nice in food, putting it in oils to name a few.

Burn Sage to Clean Air

Sage has been burned in homes by people of different cultures for purification and healing, but as an herb, it is a great way to clear the air of smells. Bunch sage branches up tightly and allow the leaves to dry out for a few days. When you need to clear the air and scent the house, light the sage bundle and place it somewhere where it can be allowed to safely burn under supervision. The scent will fill your home with a clean, earthy scent.xx

Memory cushions

45623_10151817275243942_259480729_n734492_10151817275328942_1876543327_n858841_10151760756718942_1350444867_o561405_10151817275308942_1106226151_n57973_10151817274998942_21387801_nThis is one of the things I came up with. It’s a memory cushion. I get the parents to draw round the child’s hand and either they can write their name or the child can. I then transfer the prints to fabric and I sew round them. I then design the bunting or flowers or birds etc. I have sold lots of these for grandparents and parents.x