What’s for dinner?

Well, as I am typing this I am also making dinner for tonight. I wanted something different that i could do with chicken. So here’s what I have at the moment.

Chicken breasts, cut into little bits ( I buy mine frozen as it’s cheaper)




Chicken soup, with 1/2 can milk and two blobs of cream cheese

herbs, garlic,salt and pepper

I am part boiling the broccoli. I am cooking the rice and chicken. I have put all of it in a big mixing bowl (due to the amount I cook for each night I have to mix it in a big bowl or it will go everywhere). I will then grate some cheese over it (optional) and put it in the oven until the cheese is melting and the soup mix is boiling.

Sounds yum. Ill let you know later how it tastes or if my family will be going hungry!!!! (only joking)

OMG it was the nicest thing ever. It was really filling too. they all loved it (well, apart from Fletcher who moaned as it had sweetcorn in it. I am such an evil mum!!) I will definitely be doing this meal over again.x