Tooth Fairy Pillows

1533943_10152528626553942_1775608813_n 1509952_10152528626468942_1778172691_nThese are the small tooth fairy pillows i designed. They have a pocket on one side for the tooth/coin and a pocket on the other side incase your child and the tooth fairy like to leave little notes. I do make bigger ones that can be personalised but i have found some people don’t want them personalised so they can use them for the next child.This one was for a boy and a girl to share.

5 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Pillows

  1. I think u should make a little pillow with a zip around three sides so when u unzip it there is a pouch for the tooth, a pouch for the money and a pouch for a letter that the child could write to the tooth fairy. So then the teeth are safe so brothers and sisters can’t nick them to get money or so the can’t nick the money. :-pl

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