To clean the smelly washing machine out. Firstly, clean all round the rubber seal. Then, add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1 cup of bicarb of soda. Run a HOT wash. When this is done take the drawer out and an old toothbrush. make a small amount of paste using bicarb and vinegar and scrub the inside of the drawer and the actual drawer too. It makes it smell fresher and not be full of bacteria.

Memory Jar

Here’s a fab idea for the year 2015. Why not get a jar, lots of scrap paper and get the family members to write down any thoughts, memories, happy days, things you are grateful for etc and put them all in the jar. On new years eve this year (yes i know that’s a long way off) all sit down and read them all. I want to try it to make sure that i remind myself how grateful, happy and lucky I am to have the life, family and friends that I do.x